📚Introduction / Story

Once upon a time there was a SIR that was known to be so lazy. He basically didn’t do anything all day long. The SIR just slept, sat on the bank to watch TV and ate Pizza every single day. He was set to achieve nothing in his life and to be seen as a loser by everyone around him. However, one day in 2011 the man was gambling on a random site that required a coin named BTC to play. As the degenerate he is he put in $500 in his account to play slots and blackjack. Back then the price of BTC was under a dollar so he got around 600 BTC to play with. As the professional gambler he think he is, he tripled his $500 investment to $1500. This amount was a total of around 1800 BTC. This person was so lazy to even withdraw his BTC back to his bank and left it in his account. 12 years later he still did not convert his BTC and was not even aware that he had any. When BTC came more and more in the news he remembered the gambling site where he used his BTC. He checked his balance and it was now worth over $90M. The person really became rich whilst being lazy. Just look how much he changed just by going from poor to rich! Are you just like the poor sloth? Well a new opportunity awaits you! Join the SIR movement and go to the moon and well behind. Down below you can find all relevant information about the project.

Keep in mind that nothing in this whitepaper is financial advice and that you should always do your own research before investing (#DYOR).

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